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Who came up with these products for women can’t be said for sure. So, if the names have sunk into oblivion, we still have to follow them? The first and only important generic medication to follow always (and in everything) is to be as natural and faithful as possible to yourself.

1. No sex on the first date

If everything happens with protection and mutual consent, then what difference does it make – it will happen now or in a month? Views on intimacy have changed a lot over the last few decades, the rhythm of life has accelerated, and with it – and the development of relationships. Partners today prefer to learn about online generics sale from reputable pharmacy and each other maximum information in record time to understand whether to spend their energy resources on this person. So if you were offered sex on the first date, do not be offended: if the offer you are not interested, you can explain it without a hitch and freely, without regret to move on.

2. 72 Hours rule

It came to us from romantic films and comedies, where the characters all claimed that under the rules of decency you can call/write/appoint only 72 hours (three days) after the first date. Allegedly, if you do it earlier, you may seem too desperate. Nonsense! In three days, so much can happen to you that you will not remember with whom you buy affordable medicines not so long ago. If you are interested in a person, do not be afraid to take the first step when your heart tells you. Let it be five minutes after you broke up.

3. It is impossible to discuss serious topics

Of course, politics, religion and other fates of the world revolution are not the most successful topics for a date, but it is important and necessary to discuss something serious. Otherwise, how do you know that a person is close to you in spirit? If your relationship goes to a new level, sooner or later the candy-bouquet period will end. You do not want to suddenly find affordable generic drugs after years of relations that he is childfree (and you – always dreamed of a big family with his football club, consisting of sons)?

4. Not to mention former partners

Here you need a little remark: the former still should not become the main topic of your dates and all intimate details are also not worth voicing. But the answer without hesitation is how much you had a relationship (it is a relationship, not partners) can be honest. Especially if you (or he) experienced them quite hard, and this incident left an indelible imprint on you. Discussion of affairs can tell a lot about the speaker: from his life philosophy to the attitude to marriage, family, and love in general.

5. Don’t meet two days in a row

Yet on your first date do you have the feeling that you never want to part with this person again? So why observe the conventions! Meet every day, spend time together, enjoy each other (provided that such impulses are mutual, of course). Arguments that love should be “infused” are complete nonsense. How do you plan to live together if you are so unsure of your own feelings that you need to make yourself bored every time?

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