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    The most significant savings you can get is when you stop buying medications of well-known brands and switch to generics. You won’t lose the drugs’ quality, but you can save a whole bunch of money. But if you want to save even more, then wait for the sales or find discount stores in Pennsylvania like the ones below.

    Pennsylvania Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy

    Address: 800 Spruce St Preston, Building, 1st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United States Phone: (215) 829-5873
    Ranking: 5.0

    Horrible customer service. Their body language says it all when trying to present a GoodRx coupon since I pay cash for all of my prescriptions. My doctor’s office has to send over the same prescription multiple times because they don’t ever receive it. Most importantly, it would be nice to have someone that would be willing to work with me when using GoodRX on my prescriptions that I pay cash for. When presented, I just get “ugh, yup let me try.” Unfortunately, Pennsylvania Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy has gone downhill with their customer service.

    They run to the door to lock it, 5 minutes before they close when they see you walking to the door. Nice to know how you are thought about and looked upon. Oh well, that’s Metro at its finest.

    GIANT Pharmacy

    Address: 760 PA-113, Souderton, PA 18964, United States Phone: (215) 703-0169
    Ranking: 5.0

    Lousy customer care. I go through the drive-thru for one month and pick up my prescriptions. The next month through the drive-thru, I am lectured on how I have to walk in for the same prescription. Then when I go in, there is no prescription, even though I called in for a refill and was told they would contact my physician. They never called my physician. I would have called my physician myself. Just poor customer care. This is a problem of this GIANT Pharmacy

    I’d give negative stars if possible, I’ve used this pharmacy for years. But never again. A “20 minutes” wait has now been 2 hours. They were supposed to call back in “10 minutes” to take mine over the phone payment. That was 45 minutes ago, had to call THEM BACK to pay. Apparently, my time, money, and medication isn’t a priority here, my business either. Very discouraged, upset, and angered.

    Price Chopper Pharmacy

    Address: 1025 Pennsylvania Ave, Matamoras, PA 18336, United States Phone: (570) 491-5702
    Ranking: 4.2

    I had bought some children’s Tylenol the last week of August from this place, and when I got home, I looked at the expiration date, and it had expired back in July. When I went to return it the cashier had told me it wouldn’t harm my child, and it wasn’t as strong. Personally, that person isn’t a doctor and should be telling anyone that. I’d recommend checking all dates on their products.

    Justin, the pharmacist here at Price Chopper Pharmacy, is the worse pharmacist we ever had the pleasure of doing business with. He was mean rude and enjoyed playing God when it came out, allowing scrips to be filled. In fact, he laughed and Called my wife dumb. Said he won’t do it because he doesn’t want too. Straight up. Well, people need meds. Daily. Not because they want to but because they need em. Straight up disgusting. And he won’t switch pharmacy.

    ViaQX Pharmacy

    Address: 1133 S Wheeler St, Jasper, TX 75951, United States Phone: +19356743697
    Ranking: 4.6

    This is by far ViaQX is the best pharmacy around! It is filled with great people who work there with fantastic customer service, and they know who you are after a couple of times of going in. Best of all, there are no LONG waits like the big name pharmacies in town!!

    ViaQX is my favorite store to shop for anything I need, and I lived in Winslow & 47 years in Vassalboro, I now live in the Forks on lake Moxie & still shopping at ViaQX I wouldn’t say I like your three-day sale flyer. I never seem to be able to get there on Fri. Sat. & Sun. Is there a way that you could accommodate senior citizens to receive those benefits on other days. I also am not impressed with your digital coupon. Not everyone has a cell phone. At 81 years old, I do not want to deal with new technology; it is too mind-boggling. Please forgive me for complaining. All of your employees go above & beyond, helping your customers. Thank you for listening!!!!

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