Searching for a “golf course near me” on Google? You have undoubtedly come across our lush greens. Hideaway Hills is a premier 18 hole, par 72, 6933-yard golf course in the heart of the Poconos where you can enjoy a relaxing and scenic golfing experience.

Whether you are here for a day or a whole weekend of golf, we hope you take advantage of everything our golf courses have to offer.

From our four lakes, spectacular elevation changes, over 60 sand traps, and signature Island Green, we guarantee it will be a golf outing to remember.

If you are looking for a place to unwind from the city chaos and work on your swing at the same time, then Hideaway Hills Golf is the perfect choice in the Pocono Mountains.

True golf lovers will find our course in sterling condition thanks to our tee to green automated irrigation system.

Plus, there’s always room for a challenge around our putting green, 2-tiered turf driving range and chipping green.

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What better gift for a golf lover than a visit to the Hideaway Hills Golf Course? Gift Certificates can be purchased for particular rounds of golf or for any dollar amount you would like to spend. Get a Golf Gift Certificate and surprise someone today!

6933 YARD
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The Hideaway Hills Golf Course’s Signature Holes

7th Hole

Our 7th hole is a Par 3 that measures 217 yards from the Blue Tee.  It has an elevation of 135 feet and is guarded by a stream in the front and 3 green side sand bunkers.


10th Hole

Our 10th hole is a Par 5 that measures 538 yards from the Blue Tee.  It has an overall elevation of 222 feet from tee to green.  Our longest hole with 3 fairways and a large green.


12th Hole

Our 12th hole is another Par 3 that measures 231 yards from the Blue Tee.  It has an elevation of 102 feet and is guarded by 2 deep sand bunkers on the left and a ravine in the front.


15th Hole

Our 15th hole is a Par 4 that measures 417 yards and features an island green.  Besides surrounded by the water, the green has 2 green side sand bunkers in the back.


Known for its superior country club of the Poconos, golf enthusiasts will be enamored with its natural surroundings, great views, and peaceful environment.

From a quiet getaway to an adventure-filled itinerary, it’s the perfect place for locals and tourists to have a great time with some golf near me.

And of course, Pocono scenic golf courses are a highlight! Beyond locals, we often get visitors from all around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York to take a break from hectic city routines.

Hideaway Hills is only 30 minutes away from the Stroudsburg town center, which makes it easy to access from all major cities nearby.


When visiting Hideaway Hills, you’ll be happy to find a challenging golf course in neat condition!

Beginner and advanced players will enjoy our four lakes, remarkable elevation changes and over 60 sand traps.

Our high-end tee to green automated irrigation system helps the bentgrass tees, greens, fairways, and our signature Island Green look their best all year long.

Hideaway Hills is a par 72, 6933-yard course where you can master your golf skills and enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by nature. Located in the heart of the Poconos, you’ll get your golf fix and relish in a jaw-dropping landscape every step of the way. Come on! Put your skills to the test!

Here are some of the reasons that make Hideaway Hills one of the most popular Pocono Golf Courses!

  • Scenic Beauty: Our golf course has stunning natural surroundings, which makes it the perfect setting for a scenic golf round. Plus, we work hard to provide lush green fairways, carefully maintained landscaping, and top-notch water features to enhance your overall golfing experience.
  • Course Design and Layout: A well-designed course with a variety of hole lengths, strategic bunkering, water hazards, and interesting fairway contours can challenge golfers of different skill levels while providing an enjoyable playing experience.
  • Playability and Challenge: At Hideaway Hills, you will find a balance between a playable course for golfers of any skill level and challenging sections to keep more experienced players engaged. 
  • Course Management and Flow: We encourage our players to keep up with the proper routing and pace of play to ensure everyone gets a positive experience. 
  • Signature Holes: Memorable and unique holes that leave a lasting impression can add to the allure of a golf course. These holes often incorporate interesting features, challenging shot selections, or breathtaking views.
  • Clubhouse and Amenities: Stop by our clubhouse to relax and socialize after a round, enjoy a great meal, stock up on golf merch at our pro shop, enjoy your day at Hideaway Hills!
  • Accessibility and Location: We’re conveniently located at 159 Golf Course Road, Kunkletown PA 18058. Merely a 30-minute drive from the Stroudsburg town center.
  • Customer Service: Our attentive staff is always ready to cover our golfers’ needs and contribute to a positive experience.
Stock Up on Golf Equipment & Merch


We carry top-quality golf clothing and equipment at our Pro Shop. Apparel, shoes, hats, balls, towels, everything you need to play your best. Stop by to say hi to our staff and grab some Hideaway Hills merch as souvenirs to remember your visit.

Extend The Experience


Did you know you can stay in one of our cabins? It’s the perfect way to turn your golf experience into a Pocono getaway! Imagine stepping out of your door and enjoying our jaw-dropping golf course views. That’s what you get when staying at Hideaway Hills!

Get one of our Play & Stay Golf Packages for:

  • A golf weekend trip
  • A golf couples retreat
  • A golf business getaway
  • A golf solo trip
  • A golf wedding party
  • And any other occasion a golf escape is great for!


Hideaway Golf hosts many private and corporate functions from golf outings, stay and play groups, to private parties in our banquet facility.

If you are interested in scheduling an event at our course, please contact the Pro Shop or submit your request below.

Looking for the best Pocono golf course?
Come to Hideaway Hills! Hideaway Hills Golf Club is located at 159 Golf Course Road Kunkletown, PA 18058


  • 30-minute drive from the Stroudsburg town center
  • 30-minute drive from Camelback Mountain
  • 1.5-hour drive from Philadelphia
  • 2-hour drive from New York

Yes, you read that right! We are thrilled to offer the perfect wedding ceremony and reception venue for couples to celebrate their new beginnings. We also offer all-inclusive wedding packages, dedicated wedding planners and the most elegant bridal suites in the Pocono Mountains.

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Trish Barrek
Trish Barrek
Love working here Gorgeous in every way Photos will come soon
Michael LePera
Michael LePera
Fantastic Place for fall ball!
Promod Sood
Promod Sood
It's a great golf course. We enjoyed playing there.
John Attanasio
John Attanasio
Wonderful experience every time I have golfer there. Great food too!
Golf FAQ

You love to get together with friends or business associates and play a game of golf, but did you know that it has many beneficial health benefits as well. All sports provide many physical fitness opportunities, but golf is a low impact sport which makes it ideal for players of all ages. Because it causes little stress or damage to the joints and muscles, you can play golf into your senior years.

When you play a round of golf, you are walking which offers many heart health benefits by improving cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and maintaining a healthy weight. Did you know golf is 90% mental exercise? Besides the physical benefits, golf provides a great opportunity to exercise your brain.

It is also a very social sport which is especially important as we age. By making new friends on the golf course, it also helps to ease stress and anxiety and combat depression. Hideaway Golf is the best place to take advantage of all this in the fresh Pennsylvania air.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned golfer, there is always room for improvement. If you have watched your fair share of golf tournaments, you know that even professional golfers get better as they perfect their skills. At our Poconos golf course, we suggest playing at least once a week to strengthen your overall golf game.

Many of our golfers want to know how to improve their swing. There are countless tips on this common theme. First and foremost, take your time between the transition from backswing to forward swing. Relax your grip because when your grasp is too tight, you lose power. You should also have a target in sight as this will help you achieve the goal at hand.

This may sound obvious, but keep your eye on the club as it hits the ball. When you are putting, be completely still because it is all about control and being precise. Remember to fully finish your swing from backswing to downswing. Most importantly, get out there with your friends and enjoy this globally loved game.

It’s our opinion that there is no better sport than golf, but we may be a bit biased. We understand that starting out can feel intimidating. First, we always tell beginners there is no need to go out and buy expensive gear. Purchase golf gear that is affordable and will allow you to practice and learn the basics. Buying second hand clubs is also a great option if you are still uncertain about your commitment to the game.

Also, you do not need a full bag of clubs. We suggest simply buying a driver, a putter and a sand wedge to start. You can build on those with a 6-iron, 8-iron, pitching wedge and fairway. Generally, it is good to look for golf clubs geared towards beginners. We carry a large selection of golf gear suitable for all levels of play in our pro shop. We are happy to help you get started.

If you have never played golf before, you are probably wondering what accessories are essential to the game before you head out to your local golf shop. You may have purchased your clubs near me, but there are so many other items you need. Let’s start with a great pair of gloves whether you like to wear them always or just when you get caught in the rain to maintain a good grip. In order to keep the golf scorecard accurate, we strongly recommend purchasing a golf rangefinder. Repair pitch marks on the green before you putt with a divot repair tool.

As we said earlier, Poconos golf means you will be doing a lot of walking. When you are browsing for items in golf stores, make sure to try on as many shoes as possible to select the one that will give you the most support and comfort. Don’t forget a good pair of insoles for much needed relief after hours on the course. Carrying your own golf bag? We can not stress enough how important it is to purchase a good double strap that will distribute the weight on your back evenly. Lastly, always remember to wear your golf hat, a pair of sunglasses, a golf towel, and a large water bottle to stay hydrated.


Like learning a new language, the sport of golf has its own lexicon. Before your first game, brush up on some of the terminology you will be hearing on the golf course. We can not possibly go over all of them here, but we will do our best to share the most widely used words and their meanings.

Must know golf terminology for beginning golfers:

Birdie – Completing the hole in one less stroke than the par.

Bogey – Completing the hole in one more stroke than the par.

Double Bogey – Completing the hole in two more strokes than the par.

Fore – Sort of like yelling “heads up” in gym class, this word alerts other golfers a badly hit ball is heading their way.

Hole-in-One – When it only takes you one shot to get the golf ball in the hole. In other words, a golfer’s dream.

Mulligan – A golfer’s lucky chance to hit the ball again.

Lie – No, we are not talking about you telling tales of your golf game. This word is used on the course to describe where the ball has rested. A “good lie” on the short grass or a “bad lie” on the deep grass.

Three-Putt – This is said when it takes you three putts to get your golf ball in the hole.

We could keep going on, but let’s leave it at that for now as not to overwhelm you. In any case, have fun using these popular golfing terms next time you are on the green.

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Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #18 – Interactive Map

Hole #18

Par 5 – 512 Yards • Handicap – 2 • Tee Elevation to Green +31 ft. Blue Tee – 512 Yards • White Tee – 494 Yards • Gold Tee – 440 Yards • Green Tee – 405 Yards

A great finishing hole. Birdies are possible. Drive right center. Long hitters eyeing the green in two should use a little extra club. A very fair par 5 whose green slopes toward you. A small area between the green and the traps is hidden. Carry the ball onto the green.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #17 – Interactive Map

Hole #17

Par 4 – 359 Yards • Handicap – 10 • Tee Elevation to Green +55 ft. Blue Tee – 359 Yards • White Tee – 315 Yards • Gold Tee – 285 Yards • Green Tee – 265 Yards

A right center drive up on the hill might get you into birdie territory. Be aware of pin placement – it could mean 3 clubs’ difference. A small bail out area in the grass bunker on the right of the green.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #16 – Interactive Map

Hole #16

Par 4 – 453 Yards • Handicap – 8 • Tee Elevation to Green -64 ft. Blue Tee – 453 Yards • White Tee – 402 Yards • Gold Tee – 356 Yards • Green Tee – 334 Yards

This great scenic masterpiece entices daring players to “cut the corner.” Make “discretion the better part of valor” by driving more left from the back tees and more daring right from the front tees. The gigantic green will accept even slightly errant approaches. Birdies are not unusual but neither are bogies and sixes. Beauty and trouble abound everywhere.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #15 – Interactive Map

Hole #15

Par 4 – 417 Yards • Handicap – 4 • Tee Elevation to Green +62 ft. Blue Tee – 221 Yards • White Tee (Front) – 347 Yards • White Tee (Back) – 382 Yards • Gold Tee – 292 Yards • Green Tee – 266 Yards

Only the most skilled and most daring should use the back tee. The large pine on the right; deep rough and sharply uphill make the drive a challenge. Then things get tough and an island green creates the need for extra length and precise aim. Birdies are scarce; pars are few. This is a hole to remember. It could also be a signature hole.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #14 – Interactive Map

Hole #14

Par 3 – 221 Yards • Handicap – 16 • Tee Elevation to Green -13 ft. Blue Tee – 221 Yards • White Tee – 193 Yards • Gold Tee – 178 Yards • Green Tee – 153 Yards

Relax on this long straight away par 3. High or low this big green will hold the shot. On your way to the green enjoy the view to your right once more.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #13 – Interactive Map

Hole #13

Par 4 – 320 Yards • Handicap – 12 • Tee Elevation to Green +98 ft. Blue Tee – 320 Yards • White Tee – 298 Yards • Gold Tee – 243 Yards • Green Tee – 208 Yards

The hole plays 2 clubs tougher than yardage. play the right side of the fairway off the tee. The green appears close from the fairway but adding at least 15 yards is necessary. After the hole check the view from the top of the hill.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #12 – Interactive Map

Hole #12

Par 3 – 231 Yards • Handicap – 18 • Tee Elevation to Green -102 ft. Blue Tee – 231 Yards • White Tee (Front) – 157 Yards • White Tee (Back) – 177 Yards • Gold Tee – 147 Yards • Green Tee – 121 Yards

Check the location of the back tee up on the ledge. One of the pride and joys of the owner – a fiesty par 3 with only partial bail out in the front. Note the tremendous bonus in playing yardage from every tee. Another great view behind the green.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #11 – Interactive Map

Hole #11

Par 4 – 344 Yards • Handicap – 14 • Tee Elevation to Green +70 ft. Blue Tee – 344 Yards • White Tee (Front) – 296 Yards • White Tee (Back) – 326 Yards • Gold Tee – 247 Yards • Green Tee – 214 Yards

The personality of this hole varies from pussy cat to tiger. Hit a long straight drive down the left center and you can start petting the kitty. Stray right or left and brace yourself. A long rolling green with oodles of undulations.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #10 – Interactive Map

Hole #10

Par 5 – 538 Yards • Handicap – 6 • Tee Elevation to Green -222 ft. Blue Tee – 538 Yards • White Tee – 509 Yards • Gold Tee – 444 Yards • Green Tee – 401 Yards

Another signature type, spectacularly scenic par five. Three mountain ranges provide the backdrop for this glorious view. Driving through a chute of trees downward 161 feet adds much yardage to your shots. Downhill lies and downhill shots require careful planning. A birdie hole, honest.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #9 – Interactive Map

Hole #9

Par 5 – 521 Yards • Handicap – 7 • Tee Elevation to Green -41 ft. Blue Tee – 521 Yards • White Tee – 480 Yards • Gold Tee – 453 Yards • Green Tee – 424 Yards

Note the phone by the white tee. A direct line to have a sandwich and drink waiting for you at the clubhouse. A birdie hole for the thinking golfer. Play right center off the tee and left center on the second shot. From this smart laid up second shot play enough length on the approach shot. It looks shorter than it is.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #8 – Interactive Map

Hole #8

Par 4 – 409 Yards • Handicap – 3 • Tee Elevation to Green +57 ft. Blue Tee – 409 Yards • White Tee – 388 Yards • Gold Tee – 328 Yards • Green Tee – 291 Yards

One of the toughest holes to par on the course. Only good shotmakers who hit the ball a ton can breeze through this one. So, brace your Arnie Palmer belt, dig in and belt a long drive down the left center. The uphill second shot adds one club at the 79 marker and two at 193. Birdies are precious; pars are valued.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #7 – Interactive Map

Hole #7

Par 3 – 217 Yards • Handicap – 15 • Tee Elevation to Green -135 ft. Blue Tee – 217 Yards • White Tee (Front) – 190 Yards • White Tee (Back) – 202 Yards • Gold Tee – 183 Yards • Green Tee – 136 Yards

A signature hole. Memorable. Beautiful. Deceptive. Your shots are hit into a forever gliding flight. Left of the green is a good bail out spot. 135 foot drop reveals all the details. A picture painting.”

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #6 – Interactive Map

Hole #6

Par 5 – 518 Yards • Handicap – 1 • Tee Elevation to Green +48 ft. Blue Tee – 518 Yards • White Tee – 492 Yards • Gold Tee – 466 Yards • Green Tee – 427 Yards

The subtle incline up and left off the tee demands right center drive. The double dogleg, slightly downhill to the green, yields to long hitters. Check the view to your left. Don’t be lulled into a punishing hook. Hit left and remember Dante’s “All ye who enter here abandon hope.”

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #5 – Interactive Map

Hole #5

Par 4 – 427 Yards • Handicap – 9 • Tee Elevation to Green -48 ft. Blue Tee – 427 Yards • White Tee (Back) – 410 Yards • White Tee (Front) – 377 Yards • Gold Tee – 345 Yards • Green Tee – 307 Yards

A blind tee shot down the right center turns into a double water hole with a bail out area left of the green. Downhill, sidehill second shot lies decrease iron bite. Overcome the water distraction and the score will match the sensational design.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #4 – Interactive Map

Hole #4

Par 4 – 441 Yards • Handicap – 13 • Tee Elevation to Green -48 ft. Blue Tee – 441 Yards • White Tee (Back) – 405 Yards • White Tee (Front) – 374 Yards • Gold Tee – 346 Yards • Green Tee – 318 Yards

The long downhill dogleg begs for the long draw but the 3 inviting traps in the driving area on the left create the demand for driving preciseness. The second shot entices a draw also because of the opening to the green.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #3 – Interactive Map

Hole #3

Par 3 – 177 Yards • Handicap – 17 • Tee Elevation to Green +18 ft. Blue Tee – 177 Yards • White Tee – 166 Yards • Gold Tee – 149 Yards • Green Tee – 130 Yards

This slightly uphill hole with a large green which has several corner platform positions. Note the playing yardage which adds half a club.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #2 – Interactive Map

Hole #2

Par 4 – 448 Yards • Handicap – 5 • Tee Elevation to Green -6 ft. Blue Tee – 448 Yards • White Tee (Back) – 413 Yards • White Tee (Front) – 381 Yards • Gold Tee – 357 Yards • Green Tee – 337 Yards

A “sneaky long” par 4 dogleg right. A precise long drive missing the pond on the left and the obstructive wall of 3 trees on the right earns the position of a long second shot much more uphill than the eye can gauge.

Hideaway Hills Golf Club – Hole #1 – Interactive Map

Hole #1

Par 4 – 380 Yards • Handicap – 11 • Tee Elevation to Green -7 ft. Blue Tee – 380 Yards • White Tee – 350 Yards • Gold Tee – 328 Yards • Green Tee – 310 Yards

An excellent starting hole. Elevated tee provides a view of the entire hole. Of average difficulty and medium length it leads to a pleasureful journey on a magnificent golf course. Many rolls on the large greens but no trick slopes that run the ball off the green on any of the 18.

Tournament Request

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