Golf Benefits: How to Strengthen Your Mind & Body

Golf Benefits: How to Strengthen Your Mind & Body

Golf offers impressive health benefits. It isn’t simply a game where you stand around with minimal movement, no matter what non-golfers may think. Even though golf does not include jumping or sprinting, it works the mind and body


There are an array of health benefits associated with the sport. Golfers may receive both mental and physical health benefits from golf that equate or trump other sports. Planning to play a round of golf this weekend? You can expect these six golf benefits to strengthen your mind and body!

Benefit #1: It Stimulates Your Mind

Even though golf is easy to learn yet hard to master, due to brain stimulation golfers receive an array of health benefits. Not only does being physically active have a wonderful impact on people’s mindsets, having a sport which requires complete concentration and attention also takes their minds away from negative thoughts. Since golfers are required to perform precise mental calculations such as grass depth, wind direction, ball location and slope of the land, their brains are highly exercised. Golf stimulates our minds! According to research performed at the University of Limerick, a round of golf lowers the risk of developing anxiety and depression.

Benefit #2: It Enables Social Interaction

Though some golfers like playing the game solo, most of them look forward to enjoying some friendly competition while hitting the links. By playing against or with someone during a round of golf, you allow yourself to interact socially. Social interaction majorly impacts mental well-being. People, including seniors, often lose touch with others when they grow older. Luckily, golf provides them with an opportunity to reconnect after spending a day enjoying each other’s company and the great outdoors. It’s easy for golfers to converse as they play thanks to the sport’s low intensity. The downtime offered during a round of golf is why important business deals are often struck on a golf course.

Benefit #3: It Provides Low-Risk of Injury

Golf is a sport of minimal contact, but it’s also a sport in which its players aren’t subjecting their bodies under as much stress like racquetball, tennis, squash or basketball. Thanks to the low risk of injury offered by this sport, golfers of just about any age can enjoy the game. Of course, players may still sustain injuries. Golfers may sprain their ankles when taking a wrong step, pull their muscles when swinging, or suffer from sore body parts no matter how healthy they are. However, the risk of a major injury putting you in the hospital or on the sidelines is pretty low.

Benefit #4: It Burns Calories

If they walk in a straight line, golfers who walk an 18-hole golf game cover about four miles. Nevertheless, when playing, golfers don’t walk point to point. They cover a great deal of ground to follow the ball – much more than four miles! Golfers cover over six miles during a full 18-hole game according to a study featured in Golf Monthly.  Since a course isn’t flat, golfers may burn even more calories while walking over the varying terrain. As stated by EHealthBody, any average golfer may burn nearly 1,400 calories while walking an 18-hole golf course. Walking not only burns calories, enabling weight loss, it also benefits heart health.

Benefit #5: It Builds Mental Well-Being

What most people don’t know is that exercise as well as being surrounded by nature, benefits the aforementioned mental well-being. Research shows that there is increased happiness and attention associated with walking in the lush green of the outdoors. This is caused by boosted levels of serotonin and endorphins in your brain, while reducing anxiety, improving confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately for golfers, they may easily surround themselves with nature simply by spending a weekend at beautiful golf courses in picturesque spots like the Pocono Mountains. After all, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

Benefit #6: It Lets You Sleep Like a Baby

In addition to stimulating your mind and body, an afternoon round of golf seems to provide the perfect recipe for a much needed good night’s sleep. How is that possible? How could golf make you sleep better at night? The fact of the matter is that the combination of fresh air and exercise regularly is the ultimate recipe for a great night of sleep.  Not only will you fall asleep more quickly, but you will also stay in deep sleep longer. So, head to the golf course, embrace the beautiful outdoors and enjoy a fulfilling night’s rest. You’ll sleep like a baby!

As you can see, this sport provides players with an assortment of benefits! It’s a game that’s much more than just hitting a tiny white ball into a small cup. Golf offers mental and physical benefits that can improve a person’s life for the long run. It strengthens your mind and body. Ready to play a round of golf at Hideaway Hills? Book your tee-time NOW!

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